The Buttafly

The Buttafly can be used to help the spine to recover from poor postural habits and activities that involve repetitive movements.

Spending just 5-10’ minutes a day lying down with a Standard Buttafly carefully positioned under the pelvis can provide just the right kind of support for the deep muscles of the trunk to relax and facilitate the spine release, unravel and lengthen as you literally lie back and unwind.

This can be particularly helpful at the end of the day and, in the morning. Lying down on our back in bed, the bulk of the weight of our belly and lower trunk rests on the sacrum – the triangular bone at the base of the spine. In effect, this “fixes” the spine – the softer the mattress, the more the spine is held in place.

Lying down with a Buttafly placed low down under the pelvis minimises direct pressure on the base of the spine, and provides a gentle inversion, where pelvis resting slightly higher than the shoulder girdle. For more information view our videos below or visit the Buttafly website here.

“It changed my posture in just 5 minutes!”

Orthopaedic consultant, Dr of Osteopathy & Chief Medical Officer of GB Rowing, Dr. Ann Redgrave gives her account of the Buttafly Effect.

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