Fit2Go Body Screening

The Fit2Go Body Screen, developed by a team of leading Physio’s over 5 years, is an innovative Body Check-Up service targeted at your current and future patients. It analyses the effect of their lifestyle and health habits affects their fitness body. The app then generates targeted advice, treatments and exercises as unique as their DNA on how to treat existing trauma and avoid future injuries.

Painful injury, regardless of how it was caused can result in emotional distress, financial, social, and even psychological implications.

As a professional, the Fit2Go Body Screening tool enables you review the multiple interactions to do with your patient’s Health / Lifestyle / Body. The screening enables you to see potential injury risk factors relevant to your patient’s activity and lifestyle. Furthermore, it will produce health advice that goes beyond what your usual examination protocol will deliver, is specific to your patient/employee/player and a modified exercise programme to reduce chances of further injury.

Clearly, Fit2Go has significant benefits for employers, patients and medical professionals; however, we are also able to expand the scope of services you can offer your patients and at the same time help you to generate more income and differentiate your clinic from the competition.

With the gait analysis option you will be trained to use industry leading technology that accurately and objectively assesses posture, balance, functional movements (e.g. squatting and jumping), gait and running; with instant reports and clear visual comparisons.

Using this dynamic data, you can then design and order 3d printed orthotics for your patient. Whether you are treating an elite athlete, recreational walker or factory worker, these bespoke orthotics will help their feet to adopt the correct foot motion, improve movement efficiency and minimise their risk of injury.

Footscan: Footscan is the industry leading pressure measurement system which allows you to accurately and objectively assess posture, balance, functional movements (e.g. squatting and jumping), gait and running; with instant reports and clear visual comparisons.

Phits 3D Printed Orthotics: Phits are the world’s first 3D printed orthotics, specifically designed based on your dynamic gait analysis using Footscan. Optimal efficiency, superior stability and extreme durability. Whether you are an elite athlete, recreational walker of factory worker, Phits will help your feet to adopt the correct foot motion, improve your movement efficiency and minimise your risk of injury.

EasyAngle: EasyAngle is an innovative range of motion measurement device that enables the clinician to quickly and accurately measure the mobility of all relevant joints in the body, providing enhanced patient feedback.

EasyForce: EasyForce is a digital dynamometer that provides fast, accurate measurements of muscle strength and symmetry to assist with treatment plans, objectively monitor progress and enhance patient motivation.

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