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About Us

Winback UK & Ireland is part of the Winback Group of companies. Established in 2013 we are present in over 25 Countries and in over 7,000 private clinics & hospitals and are one of the fastest growing companies Internationally in our sector of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

Originally, we made our name in the Sports Medicine and rehabilitation areas where we are Medical Partners with over 350 Professional Sports organisations in Football, Rugby, Athletics, Cycling, Triathlon, Boxing, MMA, Tennis & Rowing at Olympic, International and National levels. 

Our core promise is based around a) Innovation, b) Education and Service and we achieve that via the right technology programme applied to the right pathology at the right time to recover injuries faster than traditional methods alone



We are focussed on developing the most innovative, evidence based tech that enables our customers to quickly mitigate pain, accelerate healing and deliver the best rehabilitation possible. We work with academic centres and innovative practitioners to bring these technologies to market.



As business owners ourselves , we understand the everyday requirements of our customers better than most others in the industry. We are proud of our excellent customer satisfaction levels and are always striving to be at the very forefront of support in every way we can.



Education has also been at the heart of the WINBACK success story. We founded our own training academy in 2013 and now have over 50 Trained Academy trainers supporting us everyday in building the education platforms. We regularly hold support sessions for all our clinicians.



We offer a range of excellent funding solutions for all our technologies supported by the best Lease Companies in the Industry. We tailor each offer to the customers unique position and are always confident of securing, subject to status, the absolute best rates for you.


Marketing Support

Investing in new technology to improve patient outcomes comes after careful consideration. Once the technology is installed, we offer fully supportive Digital Marketing assets to allow you to build your story to customers and partner with the best-in-class Digital Marketing.


Online Social Media Links

We believe passionately in using social media to tell your stories and our stories to the clinical and patient audiences. You will find regular updates on all of our social media platforms and you can find the direct links to our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts here.

Areas We Cover

Winback technologies are backed by many years of clinical practice and evidence based & supported outcomes. Our range of technologies have proven again and again that the improved innovations and outcomes of tomorrow are already here today.

You can easily discover the best solutions for your clinic/team over a short discussion with one of our specialists here. We can also direct you to independent peers who can provide real time information on how Winback has improved their patient outcomes

Injury Management & Recovery

Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Women's Health

Fitness, Strength & Conditioning

Beauty & Wellness

Veterinary Treatment

Want to Talk To Us?

We always want to talk with you as an initial first step. To book at call with us please click the link below and one of our team will contact you directly to arrange a suitable time and place.


The Team

WINBACK UK Ltd has a great team of experienced Business Development Managers, Experienced Physio Trainers, Marketing Experts all dedicated to ensuring that you get the best possible information, service and after sales care. We are delighted to introduce you to our team members.

Paul J Donnelly

Managing Director

Christian Graham

Business Development Manager

Sam Wood

Business Development Manager

Phil Jones

Business Development Manager

Debbie Capy

Marketing Director

Chris Allwood

Customer Service & Academy Manager

Ashton Caddick

Project Manager

Our Product Range

As one of the fastest growing International Companies in the Marketplace we have assembled a range of leading-edge innovative technologies backed by clinical and medical expertise.

All our technologies are designed to offer you the best possible outcomes whether it’s in injury management, prevention, strength and conditioning, Pelvic Health our in Cosmetic Dermatology.


Including The Back 1S, Back 3SE and R Shock

Beauty and Wellness

Products to help skin rejuvenation and fat loss.

Pelvic Health

Treat endometriosis, scars and Perineal and Pelvic Pain related to post-partum conditions.

Smart Cuffs

Smart Cuffs are FDA listed Automated Blood Flow Restriction Training Devices

Kynett Ultimate Flywheel

Isoinertial Flywheel Training works to rehabilitate the muscles in both the concentric and eccentric loaded phases.

Isoforce Isokinetic systems

Isoforce is state of the art Isokinetic Dynamometer used in Elite Sports Environments and Orthopaedic rehabilitation Centres.

G Move Suit

The G MOVE Suit is a revolutionary active compression system that uses graduated lower limb compression to help patients recover their lower limb function.


The Buttafly can be used to help the spine to recover from poor postural habits and activities that involve repetitive movements.

Fit2go Body Screening

A Body Check-Up service targeted at your current and future patients that looks at how well their BODY can take their HEALTH and LIFESTYLE habits.

Online Store

We have assembled our most popular systems here for you to access online.

Accessories Shop

To make your life easier we have assembled the most used accessories here for you in a simple to use and access online shop. All items are dispatched the same day on receipt of payment and are delivered within 24 hours.

“We picked up a few soft tissue injuries throughout our preparations for the Rugby World Cup and during the Rugby World Cup itself and we managed to get some really good results turning around players quite quickly, keeping players who have some chronic soft tissue injuries we have got them to be able to handle the workload of a Rugby World Cup tournament, so we had some really good results with it.” -Ed Barry Lead Osteopath at Georgia National Rugby Team

Education & Learning

Education and continuous learning are at the very Core of the WINBACK business.

We have dedicated training modules depending on your situation from introductory sessions where you can see the products explained from a scientific and practical use point of view all the way through to initial product use training and expert tutorials. We offer these sessions online and face to face in small groups or tailored to your individual needs.

Training Protocols

trained therapists

connected experts

Annual Events

Upcoming Events

We hold regular updates and training sessions both online and at education venues across the UK. Please click below for our upcoming Calendar of Events.

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