The Winback Academy

Winback Medical’s ethos is based around Service, Innovation and Education therefore it comes as no surprise that Winback’ Academy is held in high regard.

The Winback academy is committed to sharing its knowledge with you and your colleagues all over the world. Training courses, forums and social networks are available to support you. You will be able to exchange, learn and share experiences.

In addition to this we also have a Closed Facebook Group for our Winback community – This provides access to a community of over 3000 experts worldwide.

Winback is currently present within 25 countries around the world with over 7000 International clinics and over 300 International Elite Sports Teams.

In the UK alone we have 12 training centres with expert Physiotherapists available to our Winback community to provide 3 levels of Training to increase your expertise:

Training Levels

My Start

Enables you to understand WINBACK energy and how to use it with your own techniques. All innovations are presented to help you integrate them into your treatments. You will learn all the basics of Tecartherapy and Winback Technology.

My Practice

Covers all applications of Winback energy. The practical training places you in a work situation with everyday conditions you treat in your own practice. This training allows you to discover new therapeutic domains in rehabilitation, health, sport, and beauty. This training is the most common entry point of those wanting to add Winback technology to their practice. Introducing fundamentals of Tecartherapy, applications on symptoms and lesions and targeting protocols according to tissue resistance.

My Expert

Develops techniques suited to an area of application. This training is available when you have reached a good level of experience with Winback energy and considers protocols that integrate other technologies or manual techniques. This training optimises the use of Winback energy discussing the links between exercise physiology and Winback energy as well as recovery. You will also develop scientific advances on the benefits of Tecartherapy in Tendon healing.

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"You can target patients with Arthritis, patients with lower back pain, patients with chronic ankle stiffness so there is a wide range of people that you can target and they all seem to report really good responses and effects from it"

Obed Attah Physiotherapist at JAM Physiotherapy Blackpool

Now if you can get a piece of equipment which can actually help with what you are doing with your hands and your general manual physiotherapy then then it's a winner and this is exactly what the Winback does, it allows me to actually perform what I want to do but give that added extra impetus and get amazing clinical outcomes.

Paul Sidi Clinical Director SIDI Physiotherapy, Surrey

One of the main things I found I could treat people without causing pain, and that was such a huge jump forward because you could treat them for longer, they have more benefits in the in the period of time you had with them, it increased their recovery, they didn't feel sore so much the next day so you could have them back him within the week, so rather than treating someone over a month period I found I could treat people now over weeks, literally over weeks, so that is one of the main benefits to me is the fact you can get the patient in, you can treat them without the pain, you can improve recoveries and get them either back to sport or back to work.

Garry Toms Clinical Director at GT Physiotherapy Bridgwater