WINBACK  Tecartherapy

Winback Tecartherapy is a revolutionary technology for physiotherapists, osteopaths, and sports medicine professionals.

It involves an innovative joint and muscle regeneration process which stimulates the natural mechanism of self-repair in the human body.

 Winback Tecartherapy is the perfect solution for manual therapy, active recovery, acute & sub acute injuries, chronic injuries, rehabilitation, pain management.

The clinical evidence supporting Tecartherapy is based on the frequencies and their correlation with the permeabilization of cell membranes. This permeabilization encourages intra and extracellular activity which accelerates the natural regeneration in the biological tissue. The low level of energy ensures it is non-invasive and 100% natural for the human body.

The term Tecartherapy derived from Italy back in 1995. In 2013 the Winback team developed physiotherapy protocols using a new generation of devices that were more intuitive, adaptable, and more effective – Winback energy was born. To View this technology in action view our videos below.


Injury Management & Recovery


Orthopedics, Sports & Surgery


Beauty, Wellness & Dermatology


Women's Health and Pelvic Pain

Tecartherapy Products



The Back 3SE is the ultimate in the Winback Tecartherapy range. An exercise-based recovery system offering a high frequency current oscillating between 300KHZ to 1MHZ to reach superficial, semi deep, and deep pathologies. With no less than six innovative accessory options to greatly enhance the patient and practitioner experience during the treatment of acute, sub-acute and chronic conditions.
The energy developed by Winback combines easy handling and intuitive functionality providing a treatment that is unparalleled in-patient comfort and flexibility.

Eliminates Pain

Winback energy blocks pain related nerve impulses ensuring immediate pain relief for over 48 hrs.

Improves Range of Motion (6X faster)

 The natural resistance of tissues transforms Winback energy into heat (Diathermy). This localised increase in heat forces revascularisation of restricted areas and frees up movement.

Accelerates healing (97% effective)

 Winback energy encourages intra and extra cellular exchanges therefore faster tissue healing.



The BACK 1S offers all the benefits of Winback technology with minimum weight and maximum efficiency. With four accessory options available and frequencies ranging from 300Khz – 500Khz the Back 1S portable is a fantastic application for Therapy and Sport. Weighing only 4KGs its versatility can be utilised in clinic or on the move due to the specifically designed carry case..



This brand-new technology offers fast, local treatments involving High Frequency Tecartherapy and Low Frequency Pulse.

The adaptive technology covers a broad range of pathologies ranging from acute, sub-acute and chronic with hyperthermia and shock settings forcing the body into creating new collagen.

Tecar – high frequency current, intelligent and self -controlled depending on tissues targeted.
Indications: Vascularisation, accelerated healing and increased range of motion effects.

Pulse – Pulsated current at low frequencies stimulating myotatic reflexes and nociceptors.
Indications: Analgesic, drainage, and Anti-inflammatory effects.


Please See Our latest video from Winback Medical UK & Ireland Introducing our active R Shock system here as one of our latest innovations.

Combining Tecartherapy with NMES & Launched late 2021 it is now being adopted across the uk healthcare for acute, subacute and chronic pathologies especially tendinopathies. 

It can be used actively or passively with or without manual therapy and treatment times are in the 3 to 7 minute window.

R shock is mains and or battery operated, comes in a very portable set up is WIFI connected for Future Programme updates and is very competitively priced. For an onsite DEMO or to talk ‘Peer 2 Peer’ with one of our Physio Trainers please contact us using the form below.


"You can target patients with Arthritis, patients with lower back pain, patients with chronic ankle stiffness so there is a wide range of people that you can target and they all report really good responses and effects from it"

Obed Attah Physiotherapist at JAM Physiotherapy Blackpool

Now if you can get a piece of equipment which can actually help with what you are doing with your hands and your general manual physiotherapy then then it's a winner and this is exactly what the Winback does, it allows me to actually perform what I want to do but give that added extra impetus and get amazing clinical outcomes.

Paul Sidi Clinical Director SIDI Physiotherapy, Surrey

One of the main things I found I could treat people without causing pain, and that was such a huge jump forward because you could treat them for longer, they have more benefits in the in the period of time you had with them, it increased their recovery, they didn't feel sore so much the next day so you could have them back him within the week, so rather than treating someone over a month period I found I could treat people now over weeks, literally over weeks.

Garry Toms Clinical Director at GT Physiotherapy Bridgwater

Education & Learning

Education and continuous learning are at the very Core of the WINBACK business. We have dedicated training modules depending on your situation from introductory sessions where you can see the products explained from a scientific and practical use point of view all the way trough to initial product use training and expert tutorials. We offer these sessions online and face to face in small groups or tailored to your individual needs.

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